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The Deaf Mentor Program assists families and agencies in implementing bilingual/bicultural home-based programming for young children who are deaf. Children of hearing parents who receive the SKI-HI Model are typically exposed to an English-only approach (signed or spoken English) and to the hearing culture of their parents, family members, and parent advisor. The Deaf Mentor approach provides the family the choice of also using a Deaf Mentor (deaf adult) who makes regular visits to the home, interacts with the child using American Sign Language (ASL), shows family members how to use ASL, and helps the family understand and appreciate deafness and Deaf Culture. Meanwhile, the family continues to receive Parent-Infant Program services. This enables the child to learn both ASL and English and to be exposed to a bicultural environment of both "hearing" and "deaf" cultures. The Deaf Mentor Curriculum Manual is available through HOPE Inc.

Deaf Mentor Training includes training for Deaf Mentors and Parent Advisors. The training team consists of one hearing person and one person who is Deaf. Before and after training, project personnel are available to implementing sites for technical assistance and for continued training.

For more information about the Deaf Mentor Training, contact Paula Pittman at For information on how to order Deaf Mentor materials, contact HOPE Inc., at (435) 245-2888 or e-mail