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Project Heritage: Helping Early Interventionists Receive Informative Training to Address Grandparent Families’ Needs in Effective Ways

What is the Purpose of Project Heritage?

Project HERITAGE developed training to enhance early interventionists’ skills in providing effective services and support to grandparents raising grandchildren with disabilities, birth to three.

How Is the Training Designed?

Project HERITAGE developed five training modules which include DVDs with accompanying printed materials. The five themes are:

  1. Awareness of Grandparent Family Issues: An Overview
  2. Financial Information
  3. Legal Information
  4. Delivering Effective Early Intervention Services to Grandparent Families
  5. Mental Health Information

What is Included on the DVDs?

The DVDs include real-life situations of grandparent families to problem solve and strategies/interventions shared and/or demonstrated by expert speakers/early interventionists.

What is Included in the Printed Materials?

Printed materials include information from the speakers’ presentations in a discussion format with accompanying visuals and handouts for early interventionists that may be used with grandparent families immediately after training.

Helpful Websites for Grandparent Families and Professionals Working With Grandparent Families:

For more information contact: Lori Rowan, SKI-HI Institute 6500 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-6500,