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Below is a list of some of the SKI-HI Institute projects and their contact person. Click on each project for more information:

AHEAD Developmental Delay, Early Intervention Lori Rowan
DEAF MENTOR Deaf Mentor Progamming and Training (0-5) Paula Pittman
DEAFBLIND TRAINING Intervener Training Program in Deafblindness Linda Alsop
HADLEY/USU-TRAINING IN BLINDNESS Hadley School and Utah State University-Online Course of Study Linda Alsop
HELP Literacy Materials for Young Deaf Children Sue Watkins
HERITAGE Grandparents of Children with Special Needs Lori Rowan
INSITE Training for Multidisabled Sensory Impaired Elizabeth Dennison
SEED Strategies for Early Emotional Development Lori Rowan
SKIHI Training for Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Early Intervention Paula Pittman
SPARKLE Parents/Families of Children who are Deafblind Supported by Access to Information and Training Linda Alsop
VIISA Training for Blind/Visually Impaired, Early Intervention Elizabeth Dennison