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What is the Purpose of Project SEED?

Project SEED developed a DVD to promote and enhance the social and emotional growth of children with special needs, birth to three years. The project evaluated the social emotional growth of children, the usability of the content of the DVD, and the feasibility and effectiveness of the DVD. The project objectives included:

  1. Establish partnerships to assure the DVD has broad applicability.
  2. Develop the instructional design of the DVD and teaching strategies based on sound instructional design principles.
  3. Develop the DVD.
  4. Develop supportive print materials.
  5. Conduct formative evaluation and feasibility testing.
  6. Finalize product development and disseminate project results.

What Information Is Included on the DVD?

The DVD featured highly qualified experts demonstrating strategies/interventions to promote social emotional development in real life situations with families and children.

Who Will Use the DVD?

The DVD will be used by early intervention personnel with families of children with special needs, birth to three years to encourage and support the social emotional development of children.

Who was Involved with the Project?

For more information contact: Lori Rowan SKI-HI Institute, 6500 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-6500 (435) 797-5588