For Trainers

Here are some DVDs that you might find helpful in training:

Help Your Child See is a 22-minute presentation that provides specific information on the different stages of visual development in your children with ocular impairments.  It also describes key principles to incorporate into daily routines to encourage the child to use vision.

Orientation and Mobility, Moving Toward Independence: The Early Years is a 25-minute video that overviews what O&M should include for very young children along with ways to work on these skills.

Both DVDs are available for a small fee form the bookstore at BC Children’s Hospital.  Contact C&W Bookstore, 4480 Oak Street, Room K2-126, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 3V4, 1-800-331-1533 or email

For Trainers and Direct Service Providers

Resources on Cortical Visual Impairment

The Website,, is very good.  You can view a video made by a teenage boy who has CVI on this site or see it on YouTube.  He talks about what it is like to see with his visual processing issues.  His name is Alfie Fox.  There are many excellent visuals and explanations of different visual challenges that children and youth with CVI face.  The Website is worth spending time in.

Another site is Ideas for intervention, environmental modifications, and ways to adapt books for children with CVI are provided.  There is a book as well as trainings offered by the professionals who run this site.  It is a great resource as well.

A third site on CVI is  They have created some new simple iPad apps to use with young children with CVI which can be purchased on this Website.